It’s OWL about the curtains!

Sorry, it’s a pun thing. I have to do it. Please forgive me.

Now, on with the news! Pandora got new curtains! The old ones were kind of amazing, in a very not-good way. They were ugly. And, they were made terribly. I mean, the fabric was cut horribly unevenly, and they didn’t even cover the entire opening of the bunks or windows. Not impressed AT ALL. And, after years of working in healthcare, the mesh at the top of the curtains, while I’m sure helps air circulation, made me feel like I should be sleeping on a gurney and hooked up to a heart monitor. NOT RELAXING. It had to go.

U. G. L. Y. You ain't got no alibi...
U. G. L. Y. You ain’t got no alibi…

So, thankfully, we have an awesome friend (hey, Gay Lynn) who owns an awesome company and she just so happens to make awesome drapes/curtains and other amazing things.

It had to be owls, as I’ve been owl obsessed since I was a little kid. Now, they’re popular and I can find them everywhere. I’m in heaven! So, figured we would owl the heck out of Pandora. We’re going with a gray and brown color scheme, so with the wood and countertops already being brown tones, we wanted gray curtains.

Enter with this adorable fabric: Winter Frost Owls Grey

We sent it and the glide tape that we bought on eBay to Gay Lynn and ta-dah… adorable curtains came back to us!!!

Look how pretty!!!!
Look how pretty!!!!
The sink owls approve
The sink owls approve
Moxie and Roxie are quite happy to have some more gray owls to hoot with.
Moxie and Roxie are quite happy to have some more gray owls to hoot with.
A close up of the fabric
A close up of the fabric

We thought about having the curtains lined, as that helps with keeping the camper cool, but we really didn’t want to sacrifice a lot of natural light. So, we just went with the plain ol’ fabric. So long as no one can see me nekkid, I’ve got what I need. LOL!

Next will be upholstering the cushions, but that’ll be a while. I’ve got to find the right fabric and then hopefully I’ll be too busy camping to farm out the cushions for a while!

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