It’s been a long time!

Life… finds a way.

To screw up your camping plans!!!!!

We haven’t been blogging, because it’s been ages since we got to camp! My elderly mother lives with us & has a LOT of health issues. So, that’s slowed us for a while. But, she had some cardiac stents places, did some time in & out of hospitals & is doing amazingly better! So, we busted Pandora out of solitary & went camping!

Thankfully, despite being closed up outside for almost 2 years, there was no critter damage! Bug & mouse free! The only thing she needed was a good bath!

Simple Green cleaner & some car wash concentrate did a pretty good job.

The last place we camped was a new, but local, find for us. Woodsmoke in Unicoi TN is a sweet little campground. About 30 minutes from us, it’s right off I-26 & despite that, feels like you’re out in the back of beyond. There’s a Dollar General on the same exit & a Walmart one exit down. We wound up at the Walmart, but more on that later!

Getting to the campground was a feast for the eyes. So lucky to live right in the middle of all this beauty!!!!

Chad towed the camper with his Jeep Wrangler & I followed in my new-to-me Cherokee. We haven’t had time to add the hitch to mine yet, so…

check out the entrance to the campground. It truly is right beside the interstate. It’s amazing.

It had been a while, so we were both rusty & forgetful. We remembered the BAL leveler. How did we live without it???

We forgot the adapter for the cordless drill to drop the stabilizers.

We remembered every variety of junk food EVER.

Side note: we were the only pop up in the campground & we had several people stop to ask about our Camp Kitchen. Click the link. It’s on Amazon. And, no, I don’t get paid if you buy it.

We forgot the Coleman stove.

So, we got set up using a wrench (thankfully Chad always has a tool bag). And when that was done, I left Chad to enjoy the campsite & hit Walmart. I got a ratchet to keep in the camper to make it easy if we forget the drill again. And, I got us an electric skillet. They’re super handy to have around since we always camp where there is electricity.

We do not use the little stovetop that cane with Pandora. So, no need for he propane hose that goes in/out of the “kitchen” area in the camper to the outside where you can hang the stove. So, since there are NO outside outlets in this camper (really, Flagstaff??), we use the opening for the propane line to run out an extension cord. Super handy!

Now, on to the campground. We were on site 20. It’s right on the creek & very private. It’s beautiful! For a Friday & Saturday night, we paid $80.33 for a full hookup. Sites are fairly level gravel with a fire ring.

Everyone say hi to my new Jeep, Blue Belle.

Here’s the bath house. Super clean, like practically sterile! We only saw one other person using it. We were the only pop up there, so we pretty much had it to ourselves. I forgot to get a pic, but it has a dishwashing area on the side, too!

One of the funniest things at this campground is the signage. This one is my favorite.

The owners are super nice and VERY present. No one would be able to get crazy loud, they’re on site & watching! I loved it. Also saw a local law enforcement cruiser go through a few times!

Now, this place was mostly adults, because there’s no pool, no playground. We loved it!!

There is a huge draw for you mountain biking & hiking types (aka my hubby). The Pinnacle Trail is literally next door. He brought his bike & just popped next door for a while. I used that time to nap & hang out inside the camper. It was perfect weather, so I got to unzip the windows & lay there listening to the creek. I was snoring in about 2.6 seconds.

Obligatory photos of camper pretending it’s this clean all the time.

The owls are Roxy & Moxie & they’re so soft. The cute sign & towel are gifts from our sweet neighbors & friends, Courtney & Adam.

I have GOT to reupholster those ugly cushions!!!!

And, no trip is complete without our sweet dinosaur, China A18. He had big fun.

The rock with the 20 on it is the campsite marker. How fun is that?

All in all, this was simply lovely. We did nothing but relax & eat & read & relax some more. The babbling creek & the birdsong were just icing on the cake.

Here’s hoping we get to do this far more often.

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