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Spring is Coming!!

Well, we’ve had a strange winter. It was crazy warm throughout December, and then when January hit, it was miserable. Wet and snowy, and nasty and cold, and all the other bad words you can think of. So, we hunkered down and dreamed of warm days by the river.

Lousy weather made for beautiful sunsets
Lousy weather made for beautiful sunsets
Beautiful drive home on a freezing cold day

Today, it’s feeling as if it might some day be Spring. It was over freezing, the sky was clear and blue (for a while, anyway), and if you got out of the wind, it felt pretty good.
So, we felt the camping itch, and got Pandora out today. During the winter, we got a new (well, new to us) tow vehicle (TV for those of you that get the slang). It’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Chad being Chad, he went through it from one end to the other, replacing everything that was even slightly less than perfect. He’s a gear-head and perfectionist, so it look new, even though it’s a 2004 model. Today was the first day we got to hook up Pandora and give it a test-tow. Holy crap, was it ever different than towing it behind that tiny Jeep Wrangler. You can forget it’s even back there!
Naturally, I got all excited and forgot to take a picture of it hooked up. SIGH. But, here’s a pic of the tow vehicle by itself. As I name every inanimate object in our home, it has been named Little Red Wagon.

Little Red Wagon on Roan Mountain
Little Red Wagon on Roan Mountain

We did a small version of Camp Driveway. We pulled Pandora out of the yard and up into the driveway, pumped the tires up a bit, and popped her out. I was terrified that we’d find a family of chipmunks a commune of mice and a couple of anacondas, but thankfully, we only found one spider and one dead stink bug.
We just had to get something fun done, so we thought we’d do a quick project. I had bought these super cute owl drawer pulls on Etsy, and Chad put them in for me. It should have taken just a few minutes, but of course, it’s us. Let’s see… some of our original pulls were on with phillips head, some with flat. The new pulls were too long for the 3 doors, but not the 3 drawers. And, one pull had been put in with some sort of epoxy, and hadn’t been screwed in properly prior to that, so we had to pull the pull off the screw, tap it and re-epoxy. Yeah, only us. But, totally worth it.



Whoooo's cute?
So stinkin’ cute!!!!!

Chad also took a moment to figure out a solution for the side canvas. We had two places it was supposed to tuck in that it was always working loose. They simply didn’t give a long enough “tail” on the canvas. So, he did a quick fix with just a sheet metal screw. Just caught the canvas in its “tucked” position and tacked it in to stay that way.

The blue part to the right loves to pop out of the channel
The blue part to the right loves to pop out of the channel
You're so screwed.
Not anymore!!!

The only other addition was a purchase to keep me from killing myself. We have a slide out step that slides STRAIGHT OUT. It’s still a pretty good hike up onto it. It was only a matter of time before I wiped out. So, we got me a little step. It’s awesome!! Super stable and came in handy. We stood on it to get the canvas wraps all the way around the corner posts. We usually just have to jump and smack at it. Yeah, we’re some short campers!

No more jumping!
No more jumping!

I realized that I was the worst blogger ever last year. I didn’t post stuff from the other campground we stayed at last year! It was a 4th of July trip with family, and it was AWESOME! So, I’m going to put up a post about that soon. Better late than never, right?!

I’ve ordered several things for Pandora over the past week, so hopefully the next time we pop her open, we’ll have some pretty interior shots. She’s freaking adorable, and I must share.

OH, and big mile stone!!! Pandora has been ours for a year now! She has to have her tags renewed this month. Technically, in TN, she’s a small enough trailer we do not have to tag her. BUT, it makes it easier to trace and file paperwork if she’s stolen, and helps with insurance. So, she’s tagged.

Any of our other camping friends, where are you planning to camp this year? When do you get started? What are your go-to camp spots? Are you a rough it person, or a glamper? What kinds of fun stuff are you going to do to/buy for your camper?