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Say what?!

I had no idea, but camping has its own language. And, Pop Up Campers have their own dialect of this language. I’ve been surfing every single popup camper site ever known to man, so I’ve had to get the crash course. Here, so far, is a smattering of this entertaining new language:

TV- I kept trying to figure out why in the Hell everyone was so concerned about watching television in their campers. I mean, you’re in nature… do what any sane person does. Watch Netflix on your iPad. DUH. Actually, it stands for TOW VEHICLE. As in, what you drive to tow your camper. Huh. Who knew?

Yes, we name all our vehicles. What?!
Chad’s Jeep, Miss Behavin’, is our tow vehicle.

PUP- I know a lot of people camp with their dogs, so I totally knew what this meant! Yeah… no. It means PopUP. Yeah, your camper.

NOT a dog.
Our PUP, Pandora.

WDH- I seriously had to go on google and search for this one. It came up about 7000th in the acronym list. Weight Distribution Hitch. Everyone swears you simply MUST have one to town. Unless, of course, you have a smaller camper of a certain design that it will, essentially, rip in half. Yeah, it will warp your camper if it’s placed on one that shouldn’t have it. Please, folks… read your owner’s manual. It was right there in mine, and barely mentioned on any of the websites that told me how much I needed one.

BAL leveler– It’s a brand name, not an acronym! I’m a nurse, so to me BAL is blood alcohol level, and you’re not a real ER nurse until you have bet on how high someone’s is. Take my word on this. Popup enthusiasts seem to love these things, but then I read things like, “I had to pound the device with a rubber mallet to get it to fit around my tire,” and I decide that driving up on the blocks/chocks we have is just fine for us. Especially since Chad can aim when he backs up. If I ever have to park that cute popup… Well, it has wheels, a front roller thingee and it’s light enough I can push it. What?! Not being able to drive in reverse should be recognized as a legal disorder. It’s not my fault!

ABS- I am a car girl from way back! Helped my Dad restore my first car. Hubby is a car geek. I’ve got this! It’s anti-lock braking system. NO IT IS NOT! It’s some sort of stuff they used for a few years to make pop up roofs and apparently, it sucked and you should never get one with it.

I’m sure there are a ton more. But, I’m learning the language along with a LOT of useful advice. So, I’ll keep plugging away at it. Or, should I say, “IKPAAI”??